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Dale F. Martin, MMC
Town Clerk
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From: Kyle Laird [mailto:KyleL at partnc.org]
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2011 3:41 PM
To: Curtis Swisher; Dale Martin; Sharon Richmond; Jeff Hatling; Ernie Pages; John Edwards
Subject: Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Project: Green Infrastructure Working Group

Hello Kernersville Staff,

This email is to introduce you to the Green Infrastructure Working Group of the Piedmont Triad Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Project.  Green Infrastructure is primarily interested in enabling a community to preserve those ecological processes our natural environment supplies which are the foundation of our wellbeing and economy.

Please do not hesitate to send out this email invitation and the attachment to anyone you feel may be interested in assisting this working group (including elected officials, farmers, developers, professionals and the general public).   Also please ask them to email me expressing their interest in the group to get on the Green Infrastructure email list and to check out the SCRPP<http://triadsustainability.org/> website.  Anyone who is interested in urban forestry and greenspace, the natural environment, farmland preservation, floodplains and rainwater runoff, ecological processes and a slew of other issues are so very welcome to become a part of the working group to aid us in a better understanding of what we need for our region to live and thrive.

If Green Infrastructure is not your area of interest, there are several other working groups in the Sustainable Communities Planning Project.  Please look at the project website<http://triadsustainability.org/> to get more information on the other groups.

Attached I have included a  rudimentary background on some of what Green Infrastructure is.  If possible you may want to look at "Green Infrastructure: Smart Conservation for the 21st Century<http://www.sprawlwatch.org/greeninfrastructure.pdf>" to get a more in depth look at the subject.  Also, you might take a look at information on the transect at http://www.transect.org/transect.html.  This concept for development celebrates the green on several levels-using densely tree lined streets and urban parks; rural conservation and farmland preservation as tools to create, not only vital urban spaces, but essential working rural places which may otherwise be consumed by low density development.

The first order of business for the working group is to put together either a comprehensive Green Infrastructure inventory for the entire region.  At this point, I have started to look into data sources on land uses and vegetation from the PTCOG and the state.  For the group's meeting in the first week of June, we may only have a rudimentary map of the region's green infrastructure, but it should have more information than the map at the end of the attachment.  In order to do an in depth green infrastructure map, there will need to be all sorts of aerial image analysis and maybe some LIDAR data analysis to go along with parcel data on land use and zoning.

If there is anyone who can offer some GIS data layers for their own county/city/town, which will be helpful for completing a Green Infrastructure map, we would greatly appreciate having a copy of this data.  If any city/town/county has already produced a Green Infrastructure inventory (especially a farmland inventory), this data too will be most helpful for our project.

Thank you,

Kyle Laird
Mobility and Systems Planner

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Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation
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