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TRITLA.org sounds good to me too.



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My recommendation is to go with TRITLA.ORG.

Thanks Gray !

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> On Mar 23, 2018, at 9:47 PM, Gray Cassell <GCassell at toknc.com> wrote:
> TRITLA.COM is taken but TRITLA.ORG is available.
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> As we were talking about the Group and purpose at yesterday's meeting, I had an idea...(dangerous, I know)
> What are your thoughts about changing the word "Group" to "Association"? I think it sounds more professional and organized, and the acronym would then be TRITLA...rolls off the tongue a little better.
> Happy Friday to all!!!  I enjoyed the meeting, camaraderie, and the location facilities...Thanks, Jane, for making it available to the association.
> Gary.
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