[TRITLA] I want to invite a project team we are working with on to our next TRITLA meeting

Tom Kureczka tomk at cityofws.org
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Hi Rodney,

For my own clarity, are they a private, for profit, organization; or are they a non-profit?

I do not have a problem and like the idea, but I would also like to have time if needed on the agenda where our particiapnts can discuss matters that maybe are best kept amongst the group as opposed to a private vendor sitting at the table.  In terms of any private firm attending future meetings, in general, we could always ask such firms to join us 30 minutes into the meeting to allow time for internal discussions.

Thanks, Tom

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               I want to invite a project team we are working with on a Civic Data program to our next TRITLA meeting. Stae is working with Cities, Counties and other public agencies to build dashboards to ingest data points in our communities. They are helping the City of Greensboro's Transportation Department to visualize data from our electric scooter program and potentially help with the vision zero project. Stae is also working with Guilford County on the Greater Greensboro Community Indicators Project, incorporating community data sources from non-profit partners. Is there a reason why we would be opposed to allowing them to sit in and listen to some of the things we discuss?

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