[TRITLA] November TRITLA Meeting

Tom Kureczka tomk at cityofws.org
Tue Nov 5 14:56:38 EST 2019

I have attached an agenda.

We will meet in our offices.  We have had one meeting here before, the conference room on the 5th floor of the Bryce A. Stuart Municipal Building (entrance on the corner of First and Church Streets), Suite 520.

In terms of directions to our facility, if you are coming from the east you want to come into downtown Winston-Salem on Business 40.  You want to take the Main Street / Downtown exit.  Main Street is one way, so from either direction you will be heading north on Main.

Just one block north of the B40 overpass is First Street (the first light).   Take a right onto First.  At the next light is Church Street.  The entrance to our building is on the corner of First & Church.  Take a right onto Church.  You will pass on your left a business building (Targecept), an open grassy park area, and then a parking garage.  Enter into the second entrance.  There is a fee to park, a machine is in the front right corner of the entrance.   If you pass the garage you will travel back over B40 and dead-end on Cemetery Street, turn around.

If you are coming from the west on B40 you will have to exit prior to the Main Street exit because of the construction.  Follow the detours as you exit, you will end up coming up First Street.  From there you will take the same directions as above once at the intersection of First and Church Streets.

Once in our building sign in at the guard desk. The elevators to the 5th floor are behind the guard desk.  As you get off of the elevator we are to your right.

My cell if you need assistance is 336-403-8524.

City of Winston-Salem
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