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Tom Kureczka tomk at cityofws.org
Thu Jun 25 16:50:35 EDT 2020

Good afternoon Folks,

The purpose of this call is to discuss the NC Digital Inclusion Program.  I have attached two emails from Jesse Day and David Putnam with PTRC that share some very good information regarding the program.

We encourage you to discuss the challenges we face with Digital Inclusion and the opportunities presented with the program with others in your organization.  During the call on July 8th we will discuss the program, would like to hear from our members about activities in your community to address the Digital Inclusion needs, and any intentions that you may have on submitting an application for one of the grants offered.

We will also discuss what we can do as a regional association in parallel to what our respective agencies may be doing towards the overall needs and good of the Triad region.

Please share any thoughts and questions that you may have prior to July 8th with the group to kick-start conversation.

Thanks, Tom

Chief Information Officer
Information Systems
City of Winston-Salem
Ph: (336) 747-7005
Email: tomk at cityofws.org<mailto:tomk at cityofws.org>

Details for the July 8th phone call:
Bridge line 336-747-7446
Meeting number 80017, then #
Access code 6626, then #

City of Winston-Salem
        ONE TEAM
Committed to Excellence

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